• What is the difference between 'PAN' and the Northeast Permaculture Network?

  • Is PAN a governing or decision-making body for the Northeast?

  • Do PAN Members elect individuals to the PAN Board of Directors?

  • What does my Membership Contribution support?

  • Is my Member contribution tax-deductible?



What is the difference between 'PAN' and the 'Northeast Permaculture Network'?


The Northeast Permaculture Network is an informal web of people who are practicing "permaculture" in this region, who choose to do this together with other people by sharing, teaching, learning, helping eachother. The network is made up of actual trust relationships between individual people. The health of our network is not its size, but the strength and resilience of relationships between people and the practical benefits that working together may yield.


PAN (the PAN Board of Directors, PAN Leadership Circle and PAN Members) are a subset of people within the Northeast Permaculture network, who take an active interest in developing and sharing resources with each other, who want to build relationships across the region in order to share resources strategically and thoughtfully, or who want to support the above. Some of these people formed PAN as a non-profit entity in 2008 and are now offering "Membership" to those who want to participate in this vision and support our mission and values.




Is PAN a governing or decision-making body for the Northeast? 


No. PAN does not make decisions for any other individual or group. Instead we aim to build and support the communication infrastructure and processes that will facilitate/allow people in the network to discuss issues that have relevance across the region, to self-organize to make decisions for themselves as individuals or groups, and to share/broadcast those decisions.


The PAN Board of Directors does reserve the right to make decisions for itself or to take a stance or position on an issue, (to the extent that it is in alignment with our mission and values) and to engage in dialogue with other groups or individuals in or outside the network. PAN does not 'represent' any of the sub-regional networks in the Northeast or at supraregional (i.e. national, continental, international) gatherings or discussions unless by invitation/agreement.



Do PAN members elect individuals to the PAN Board of Directors?


No. PAN is a privately operated non-profit guided by its volunteer Board of Directors and not a formal 'membership organization' as defined by law.

PAN's current projects are based on goals and questions that have come up repeatedly over 8+ years of conversation and local organizing. To get involved in conversations about regional organizing in the region or specific PINE projects, or to raise questions, see our network discussion forum here or here.  It's free to join. To contact the PINE Board of Directors directly, see our website or email us.




What does my Membership Contribution support?


See the Current Projects that the Northeast Permaculture Network has identified as valuable and relevant. All membership contributions and general donations support these projects. The PAN board also intends to hire a part-time staff person in 2016. Stay connected to learn about the hiring process. 




Is my Member Contribution tax deductible?


The full amount of your contribution may be tax deductible. After you donate, you will receive an email receipt indicating the amount of your donation. This receipt can be used for tax purposes.



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