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1-year Organizational Memberships

PINE wants to recognize the good work being done by groups to re-imagine how we work together and how we can leverage permaculture design in the social landscape and at greater and greater scales. We want to support the businesses that are finding ways to generate eco-socially just livelihoods and showing the world that the regenerative economy is here and now.

  • $60 for a 1-year membership (and $100 for a 2-year membership).
  • Any amount above $60 will directly support our work.
  • The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible.
  • This membership comes with a listing in the PINE Organization and Business Member Directory.

Consider this level of membership if you are:

  • a local group or organization applying permaculture in your activities
  • a 'sub-regional' permaculture network or group hosting courses and promoting permaculture education or organizing
  • a farm or other enterprise applying permaculture design and ethics to your business

We ask you to give as much as you can give with full willingness and open-heartedness - even if it's beyond the requested amount.  We trust that our shared vision will attract enough funding to enable PINE to take bold new steps to support our network.

Who's donating: from West Roxbury, MA donated. Thank you!